Winners Announced: Spring 2013 Outbound Photo Contest

The following post is written by Michael Warchol, Communications Officer, Outbound Programs at American Councils

The results of the Spring 2013 Outbound Photo Contest are in! Congratulations to our study abroad participants who won first-place honors in each category:

Jasmin Cesko – 1st Place in the “Landscapes/Cityscapes” category:


“Stari Most (Old Bridge)” Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jesse Vincent – 1st Place in the “Russian/Eurasian Culture and Life” category:


“Nostalgia” Two babushki enjoying a warm spring afternoon across from the cathedral overlooking a pond.

Kellie Shea – 1st Place in the “Participant Life Abroad” category:


With the Hermitage as her backdrop, Olivia Goldenhersch break dances on Palace Square.

Each semester, American Councils study abroad participants in Russia, Eurasia, and the Balkans are invited to contribute photos of their experiences abroad to the Outbound Photo Contest. Participants submit photos that fit thematically into three categories:

  1. Landscapes and Cityscapes: from the big cities to the dacha in the countryside, photos of picturesque locations witnessed first-hand.
  2. Russian/Eurasian Culture and Life: photos that illustrate the essence of culture and life in the host country.
  3. Participant Life Abroad:  study abroad participants in photos that evoke the spirit of study abroad.

This semester, participants submitted dozens of unique photos from five different study abroad locations. Complete competition results are posted on Facebook.

For more than 35 years, American Councils has operated comprehensive international education programs for thousands of students and scholars. Participants greatly benefit from individual attention in small classes and from interaction with host faculty who have extensive experience in second language acquisition. From language immersion and area studies to the energy and business sectors, participants trust American Councils in the advancement of their education and careers.

See a full list of study abroad and research opportunities at

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